Landscapes Brushed

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We are delighted to announce our upcoming exhibition "Landscapes Brushed" by esteemed local landscape artist Lynn Munday. The collection will be showcased in the Feather and Lawry Gallery, 4 Russell Street, Toowoomba from 6 - 21 October.

Landscapes Brushed is a collection of works inspired by the changing colours of the Australian landscape.

Inspired by the brilliance of Autumn foliage, Lynn travelled extensively through central Victoria, Southern and Central New South Wales for this exhibition.

In her studio, Lynn works from sketches and photos, and her memory recalling fleeting moments of past beauty.

In Brushed Landscapes we see a marriage of Impressionism and Expressionism. Lynn expresses the energy of Cezanne’s brushstrokes coupled with the intensity of Vlaminck’s colour palette.

A common thread in all of Lynn’s art is the sense of tranquillity they bring. She prompts an awareness of just how precious the natural world is and how fragile.

At opening night on Friday, 6 October from 5.30 - 7.00pm guests will meet the artist and hear her inspiration for the works, enjoy light refreshments and have the first opportunity to purchase a piece for their collection. RSVP by 4 October to

Link to sneak peek of works from "Landscapes Brushed" -


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