Upcoming Art Exhibition: “Looking Back, Moving Forward” by Febe Zylstra

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The Feather and Lawry Gallery is proud to present the latest offering from highly acclaimed Queensland artist Febe Zylstra. The collection will be showcased in the Feather and Lawry Gallery, 4 Russell Street, with Opening Night and opportunity to meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments on Friday 17 November from 6.30-8pm, exhibit will be displayed until 12 December. RSVP requested for opening event, email gallery@featherandlawry.com.au or phone 4638 8209.

Titled ‘Looking Forward, Moving Back’ this figurative exhibition once again showcases Febe’s soulful work and connects emotionally to audiences. Febe has an inherent ability to use a variety of styles and mediums to tell stories that go beyond the surface.

While it is the strong, expressive figures that draw you in to this exhibition, it is also layered with reoccurring motives, such as birds and masks, considered shapes and textures and even written word which all contribute to telling its story.

Febe has stated that she began painting as a way of ‘quietening the noise in her head’ as part of her treatment for post-natal depression and anxiety and subsequent diagnosis of Bi-Polar Affective Disorder.

Her life experience is clearly a catalyst for this exhibition but nevertheless one that also relates to so many others on so many levels. There is a sense of calm or even melancholy in this work that is somehow balanced with positivity and quiet confidence. One thing that’s guaranteed with an exhibition by Febe Zylstra is that it will always be thought provoking and ‘Looking Forward, Moving Back’ delivers.

Link to sneak peek of exhibit visit 

For more information on the artist, visit her bio page on our website -  or visit her Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/Febezart/

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