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I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Queensland Artist Febe Zylstra to present her latest exhibition ‘Looking Back, Moving Forward’. I find the simplest description for her work is soulful. Her figurative style complements her meaningful presentation of feelings that people can relate to.

As an extension to this exhibition I have selected six works to highlight as part of our new ‘Curator’s Choice’ initiative.

When choosing work to hang in your home it’s important that you connect to this work. You will never tire of a piece that has meaning to you. Also, it’s important to have ‘impact’ pieces in your home and choosing the right size and scale can really make a difference here.

Febe’s works are impact pieces. While I have included some images for reference here, I encourage you to see these pieces in the gallery, as it is difficult to get a full understanding of their size and the impact of these works is truly heightened when you see them in real life.

I really hope you enjoy learning more about Febe Zylstra through her work.

To view full exhibition - Looking Back, Moving Forward and to learn more about the artist - Febe Zylstra

Sally Johnston Feather & Lawry Gallery Curator

A Woman of Substance

Mixed media on Canvas | 122 x 76 cms | unframed


A woman of substance is someone whose life has meaning and purpose, she lives life with intention, love and passion. A role model and mentor, she paves the way for other girls and women to follow in her footsteps.






Angelic Realm

Mixed media on Canvas | 91 x 91 cm | unframed


Take the time my friends, to explore within and understand this energy within you. Welcome it, discern it and allow it to be a part of you. When you accept who and what you are, inner peace and contentment will shine through!




Mixed media on Canvas | 91 x 91 cm | unframed


Birds give us a sense of freedom and oneness 

with nature that many of us yearn for. As the seasons come and go, birds prepare the nest for their offspring. Like our own home, the ‘Birdhouse’ promises shelter, protection and a haven to raise our young.



Just the Two of Us

Mixed media on Canvas | 101 x 101 cms | unframed


In emotionally hard times, having a friend or a sister’s support is an unbreakable bond that gets you through the ups and downs; it’s a promise of unconditional love that will last a lifetime.



A Son's Love is Forever

Mixed media on Canvas | 71 x 35 cms | unframed


A mother will always need and love her son, no matter what age she may be. Her son is a promise that she will be loved, protected and have a friend forever.








Messenger of Strength

Mixed media on Canvas | 121 x 61 cms | unframed


The cardinal comes to us to remind us to ‘keep the faith’ through circumstances that may look bleak, dark and hopeless. When it’s in your path it brings a message of hope and strength. Take this opportunity to believe in yourself and stand on your own two feet.

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