Any flourishing business attributes customer satisfaction and understanding client needs as critical to ongoing success. However, the best service or product can remain a well kept secret if not presented attractively to its specific target market. The exterior, signage… Read more
Happy 2018! If renovating or building a residential or commercial property is one of your goals for 2018, follow us on Facebook @featherandlawrydesign or Instagram #featherandlawrydesign for our weekly post featuring one of our transformations. These demonstrate how desi… Read more
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Queensland Artist Febe Zylstra to present her latest exhibition ‘Looking Back, Moving Forward’. I find the simplest description for her work is soulful. Her figurative style complements her meaningful presen… Read more
The Feather and Lawry Gallery is proud to present the latest offering from highly acclaimed Queensland artist Febe Zylstra. The collection will be showcased in the Feather and Lawry Gallery, 4 Russell Street, with Opening Night and opportunity to meet the artist and enjo… Read more
Our Director and Senior Designer, Clare Feather, recently enjoyed several weeks travelling through France. Needless to say, she had a marvelous time and returns invigorated and inspired from the architecture, design, landscapes and art she encountered. One of the highli… Read more